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We are pleased to announce a custom portal for your resource and educational needs:

Here are the registration instructions to get started:

  1. Go to https://www.ahcmedia.com/site/license?license_code=102663
    (you must be on this URL to register) please consider bookmarking this URL
  2. Click on “Create New Account” see highlighted screenshot below
  3. In the lower left corner of the page click the “Create New Account” to open the account creation form.
  4. Fill in the “Create New Account” form with your information. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.
  5. Click “Register” at the bottom of the form, you should receive a success message. At this point you are signed in, you may click the “back” button to return to your portal landing page, or click: here

Assessing Content

Use the list of Periodical Subscriptions and/or Books & Study Guides to select the content you would like to access.  Simply click on the link to access the content.  Content pages are covered in the general help under Content Pages and Book Pages.

Testing & Credit

After you have read an issue*, you can complete a short Post-Test and claim CME and/or CE credit.

If you are on the issue’s webpage, click the Begin Test link on the right-hand sidebar as described in Accessing a Periodical. You may also access a list of all the CME/CE testing that is available to you from“My Account” > “My CME/CE”

The CME/CE Course Catalog lists courses from newest to oldest, although you can change the sort order using controls on the top-right of the page. You can also segregate by therapeutic areas, clinical topics, Audience, Publication, and Media Format on the left hand side:

Click on the Begin button under the course title to view the required disclosures,  Once you have started the course:

4. Read the required disclosure, and click the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

5. Complete the Post-Test with a passing score of 100%. You have unlimited attempts.

6. Complete course the course evaluation, if one is available.

7. Claim the types, and in some cases amounts, of credit you wish to claim.

8. Download and save and/or print your credit certificate.